A great opportunity for all disabled guests distributed all over the world to cure your selves with “Hela Wedakama” (Sinhala indigenous medicine) while travelling and exploring the beauty of Sri Lanka.

Travel and tourism industry in Sri Lanka has been successfully won the hearts and love of tourists among all the world since a period of six decades and now it has been the booming trend of world tourism industry.

It can be said with no doubts that most of the service providers who facilitates tourists when their tours in Sri Lanka, are providing a best service to their customers. Different tour agencies are experimenting numerous newly proposed activity based tourism projects to give their guests an enormous experience and which concentrated the fullest attraction here in Sri Lanka.

We, Jayampathi Lanka Holidays are proudly there to facilitate you, with the utmost need of you to cure your diseases while your journey here with us. We cordially invite you whom were seem to have overlooked by the other travel coordinators. If your desire is to get rid of the disease this is the way we take you to it with a priceless tour.

Disabled people are classified as a set of community whose needs, dreams and hopes are trapped by the disability. Your disability is not a matter so far to limit your leisure and entertaining desire. We are committed for you to be completely recover from your disability and we give wings to your dreams any more. Jayampathi Lanka Holidays is your proven partner in cure.


Sri Lanka is committed from a long ago since our ancestors’ era for being the “Jeewaka” (doctors who enlighten once life) by treatments made with the Sinhala indigenous medicine. Lots of non-curable diseases like diabetes, cancers, tumors, asthma, and all orthopedics are fully cured by using Hela Wedakam since our ancestors’ period. The awards and donations we received from different types of diplomatic people all over the world prove our medication history. Jayampathi Lanka Holidays being a destination management company, our main aim is to cure yourself not only mentally but also physically fit when you leave from our beautiful island. We have arranged all the required facilities to make you fully cure and successful traveler with our Sinhala medication during you journey.

You can easily understand this medication by considering the number of foreign visitors travel Sri Lanka in order to have this miraculous medical treatments per year. But it should say that Sinhala medication is replaced with foreign methods such as Indian Ayurvedic medicine, yunani ayurvedic medicine and several other countries also trying to get into the system as the high demand and proven success. Due to this reasons we can see the quality of Hela Wedakama (Sinhala medication) has been degraded.

Jayampathi Lanka Holidays is trying to rebirth our ancestors’ victory to give a life to whom it requires with our native herbs and medicines. For this purpose we have explored whole Sri Lanka to find authentic Hela Wededuran (Sinhala Doctors) and now formulated a best treatment methods and the best plan for your journey to provide all your needed medication within the few days of your stay here. We have made opportunities for you to have blessed by those authentic life savers.

For your concern we can start your process of relief from one of the major component of Sinhala Wedakama, Horiwila medication generation who were one of the pioneers in Sri Lankan Medication since a long ago.

You are facilitated with a calm and quiet environment which is isolated from urban areas and high populated areas while you are having your medicines as it provides a good mental and physical healthy atmosphere. It is provided by our ancient kingdoms connecting Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapuraya, Sigiriya, Yapahuwa, Mahanuwara (Kandy) and all possible ancient cities and ruins. You may feel as if you are here with your own family members and we are here to arrange all the necessities to make you feel like you are ours and we are yours. You can feel the best of beloved care and protection throughout your journey.

It’s our cordial invitation for you to join us to rebirth and we’ll give wings to your new life.

Proven cure and pleasure is our guarantee.


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